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The Speakeasy 100 Pint Club is a prestigious group of dedicated and refined Guinness drinkers. The marble notebook, which contains the names and tally of pints of all those involved, organized in alphabetical order, contains over 200 names, dozens of which have already reached 100. Some of us have been drinking Guinness for years while others have just been recently introduced. Whichever the case, we are bonded by a common goal and driven by a sense of self-accomplishment.

100 PINT CLUB Members:
Adam Lipinsky
Amy Mahoney
B.J Healy
Brendan Brady
Brendan Marron
Chris Curtain
Chris Gerfin
Chris Guerzon
Chris Hannon
Chris Lynch
Dave Smith
Damian Walsh
Dan Eliades
Dan Monteforte
Daniel Didio
Danny Brett
Danny Reilly
Eric Christ
Gator Aid
James G Grant
Jamie Abrams
Jamie Dowling
Jesse Clements
Jim and Ozzie
Jo Schultz
Joe Valentino
John Brower
John J Callahan IV
J. Weiselberg
Karyn Lundgren
Kevin Monaghan
K.J Barry
Marissa Aubel
Matt "The Bar Back"
Matty Gesus
Michael Ceeza
Michael Cazzetto
Mickey Macdonald
Mike Johnson
Mike Toohey
Nick Potapchuck
Nils Bosch
Noel Kennedy
Paul J. Penza
Ray Smith
Richard W Mullen
Santa Claus
Stacey Schroeder
Tim Dog Whisperer
Timothy White
Tony Beneri
Will Bodine